Thursday, September 27, 2012


Last week Usian Bolt won his 3 Gold Medal for 100m in the Olympics. He was kneeling to pray and thank God for his victory.

All the hard work he has been through and all the pain he has been through. He was also praying to his dead Grandma.  

You could hear the crowd roaring because their champ has done it again. Now you know the fastest person in the world.

No one thought he could do it but he fought through it and now he is the one to beat. He is the fastest there is the fastest there was and the fastest there will ever be.

He also won the 4x100m relay for jamaica and that was his 3rd medal for the relay. He also won the 200m.  That was his 3rd time winning a medal for the 200m.

Common Wealth Games

Last week Benji Marshall and Ben Barba had a shock draw. This was at the Commonwealth Games. Everyone  got of their seat because someone broke the world record for the 100m. But they didn’t know who broke it and then the host said it was a tie between Benji and Ben. But let me tell you how it happened from the very beginning.

On the 18 September 2023 was the 100m final and the competitors were Billy Slater, Jarryd Hayne, Ben Barba, Chris Sandow, Greg Inglis, Josh and Brett Morris and last but not least The favorite to win, Benji Marshall.

They were all very very fast but the first qualifier was the one who won it last year, Benji Marshall. But the people’s champion was Ben Barba. So the two people who had the best chance of winning was Benji Marshall and Ben Barba.

The competitors were warming up. But suddenly Benji Marshall was screaming in pain because he sprained his ankle. So the doctors came in and carried him to the medical room and wrapped his ankle. But the race was about to start without him. On your Marks, Set. But Benji Marshall appeared from nowhere and said, “I am going to race”. So the starter repeated on your Marks, Set, GO. Everyone was draw but Ben Barba was going in the lead. But Benji Marshall came out of nowhere and came 1st draw with Ben Barba and broke the world record at the same time.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

All about me

We have been learning about personal and private information online and how we present ourselves online. Personal information is information we can share safely online.

My name is Sione. I am 11 years old. I have no brothers and sisters.  My hobbies are playing rugby, skateboarding, soccer and TaeKwonDo. I live in Auckland. I go to Saint Pius X School. I am a self managing worker. My favourite singer was Michael Jackson, but now it is Bruno Mars. My favourite series of books is Captain Underpants.