Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Level 4 close activity

I am learning to put in the correct words for level 4

The largest of all flying creatures is the albatross, which can have a wing span of 3.5 metres.
The bill of this huge seagull is long and powerful.
The albatross's territory (1) is the southern oceans of the place (2) where it
may sometimes travel great distance(3). One albatross, found near the Chilean
oceans (4), had a special identification tag fastened on(5) its neck which
had been put up(6) in New Zealand only 12 days earlier. For (7) that
brief time the bird had flown  (8) 4800 kilometres, an average of 400 meters (9)
daily – an amazing feat of endurance.
They(10) are capable of flying at speeds more(11) than 90 km/h. Their
outstanding ability to fly(12) and glide far better than any
other(13) bird has led to them being said (14)
'the prince of soaring birds'.
They eat(15) mainly on squid, fish, shrimp, and
other (16) creatures that are found near the top (17)
of the sea. They also swoop down (18) on scraps thrown overboard from ships.
Sometimes(19) they will follow a ship for continuous (20) days.
Albatrosses will alight on the ground (21) surface, but only when it is dry (22).
They visit land in the breeding sometimes(23) for a brief time. Adult birds live(24)
out at sea for two or even (25) three years.

Image source: T.Mattern, Department of Zoology, University of Otago

Close Activity level 3

I am learning to put words in correctly

On Frog Pond
This task is about adding words to a  text so it makes sense -  This will also show comprehension and understanding of text.

Read the text and put in the correct word.
It's early morning on frog pond. As the sun rises, light sparkles on the water (1).    All sorts of  pond animals are waking up.The (2)busy day is beginning.
    At the edge of a (3) pond, a little green frog sits on a lilypad (4)in the water. He
is hidden here among these(5) floating plants. He keeps very still and very Quiet(6).
His big, bulging eyes are watching. He's watching the (7) dragonflies. He's watching for
slugs and worms. He's waiting(8) for flies. This little frog is hungry for food(9).
    Someone else is hungry too. A dragonfly hums silently(10) above the water. She is a fierce
hunter, looking(11) for insects. She hovers near a clump of frogs(12). She can fly in
any direction, even backwards and(13) sideways. Like the frog, she has very
big eyes(14). Suddenly she spots a fly crawling up a log(15). She swoops down
like an arrow and grabs the(16) fly with her powerful front legs. Gripping it
as(17), she munches away at it with her sharp body(18) parts.
    The little frog has seen all this before(19). He turns very slightly. He's ready to pounce,
so(20) he keeps very still. He hopes that the dragonfly(21) will take off towards him
when she's finished eating(22). He hopes she won't notice him sitting
still in(23) green among the pondweed. Soon she flies away(24).

Level 4 Division and multiplication

I am learning to solve division and multiplication problems with 3 different strategies


A toy company distributes a range of toys to shops.  The shops need to get equal numbers of toys. Sometimes there are toys left over.  This is called a remainder.  
The toy company needs to know:
1.  how many toys each shop gets; and
2.  how many toys remain (if there any)

a.  Show how you could divide 298 trolleys equally between 4 shop
73 and 2 remainder because 74x4=296 but it’s 298 so there is 2 remainder.B.   SHOW HOW YOU DIVIDE 629 TRICYCLES EQUALLY BETWEEN 6 SHOPS.
104 and 5 remainder because if it was 630 then it would be 105 but it’s 629 so then it would be 104 and 5 remainder. But it was
6 x 100=600 and then 6x4=24 and then there is 5 remainder.

C.   Show how you could divide 567 robots equally between 8 shops.
70 and 7 remainder because 8x7=56 but since we are talking about tens then it would be 70x8=560 but it’s 567 so there is 7 remainder.

D.   Show how you could divide 347 aeroplanes equally between 7 shops.
49 and 4 remainder 50x7=350 but it’s 347 so then it would be 49 and 4 remainder.

Level 4 Rate and Ratio

I am able to solve rate and ratio problems with 3 different strategies

1.  Mara has 4 books for every 3 books Chloe has.
Chloe has 12 books.
Mara has 16 books because for Chloe to have 12 books from three you would have to multiply it by 4 so 4x4=16 - ratio - ✔✔✔ the ratio is 12 for chloe and 16 for mara

2.  Sam gets $15 every 5 weeks for doing work around the house.
Show how to work out how many weeks it will take Sam to save $60
20 weeks because 15x4=60
So 5x4=20 weeks
because 5 weeks times by 4 =20 so then you would have to do the same thing to the $15 which is to multiply it by 4 which would make it 20 weeks and $60.

3.  There are 6 boys for every 4 girls in a hockey team.
There are 10 girls in the team
Show how to work out how many boys are in the team.
15 because 4x2.5=10 so 6x2.5=15

The ratio is 15 boys and 10 girls.

Fraction and percentage level 5

I am learning to solve fraction and percentage problems with 3 different strategies


1.  Anna ate ¼, Jack ate ⅜ and Pete ate ⅛ of a banana cake.
Show or explain how to work out how much cake they ate altogether.
3/4 because if you add Jack and Pete’s piece then it is 4/8 same as 2/4 and Anna ate 1/4 so if you add 2/4 and 1/4 then it would be 3/4.

2. Dan and Mere were given a cupcake each.  Dan ate ⅘ of his and Mere ate ⅔ of hers.
Show or explain how to work out how much cupcake they ate altogether.
3/4 because 4/5+2/3=6/8 which is the same as 3/4


At Sea Beach School you earn house points for good behaviour and lose house points for bad behaviour.
Write the total number of points each house group has in the spaces below.

a.   Mansfield started the day on 75 points. Someone lost 100 points for not being in correct school uniform but got 20 points for all doing their homework.
How many points does Mansfield have now?   __________
-5 because 75-100=-25 but they get 20 points so -25+20=-5

Bracken started the day on -47 points. They got 60 points for someone helping others in class, but lost 25 points for someone else swearing.
How many points does Bracken have
82 because 50+60=110 and then 110-25=85-3=82

c.  Hislop started the day on 15 points. They got -25 points for someone putting others down in class but earned 80 points for cleaning up the classroom.
How many points does Hislop have now?   __________
70 because 15-25=-10 then -10+80=70

d.   Marsden started the day on 12 points. Someone gave his teacher a note explaining why he didn't have his correct school uniform on yesterday. The teacher decided to subtract the -75 points she had given him yesterday for not being in uniform.
How many points does Marsden have now?   __________
87 because 12 points plus 75 equals 87 points.

Write down the percentage each item was reduced by.

i)    Shirts that were $39.95 but on sale are $19.95 have been reduced by
      50% because half of 40 is 20 so half in percentage means 50%
ii)   Jackets that were $79.95 but on sale are $63.95 have been reduced by
      80% because $80 is %100 so %75 would be $60 and $4 would be %5 so $64 would be 80%
iii)  Trousers that were $69.95 but on sale are $62.95 have been reduced by
      90% because %75 would be $52.50 and %15 would be $10.50 so the percentage is %90

On the final day of the sale, another 20% was taken off the sale price. What is the final day sale price of trousers?
$50 because %75 is $52.50 and %5 is $2.50 so takeaway %5 from %75 is %70 so $52.50 takeaway %2.50 is $50.