Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Level 4 Rate and Ratio

I am able to solve rate and ratio problems with 3 different strategies

1.  Mara has 4 books for every 3 books Chloe has.
Chloe has 12 books.
Mara has 16 books because for Chloe to have 12 books from three you would have to multiply it by 4 so 4x4=16 - ratio - ✔✔✔ the ratio is 12 for chloe and 16 for mara

2.  Sam gets $15 every 5 weeks for doing work around the house.
Show how to work out how many weeks it will take Sam to save $60
20 weeks because 15x4=60
So 5x4=20 weeks
because 5 weeks times by 4 =20 so then you would have to do the same thing to the $15 which is to multiply it by 4 which would make it 20 weeks and $60.

3.  There are 6 boys for every 4 girls in a hockey team.
There are 10 girls in the team
Show how to work out how many boys are in the team.
15 because 4x2.5=10 so 6x2.5=15

The ratio is 15 boys and 10 girls.


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