Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Level 4 Division and multiplication

I am learning to solve division and multiplication problems with 3 different strategies


A toy company distributes a range of toys to shops.  The shops need to get equal numbers of toys. Sometimes there are toys left over.  This is called a remainder.  
The toy company needs to know:
1.  how many toys each shop gets; and
2.  how many toys remain (if there any)

a.  Show how you could divide 298 trolleys equally between 4 shop
73 and 2 remainder because 74x4=296 but it’s 298 so there is 2 remainder.B.   SHOW HOW YOU DIVIDE 629 TRICYCLES EQUALLY BETWEEN 6 SHOPS.
104 and 5 remainder because if it was 630 then it would be 105 but it’s 629 so then it would be 104 and 5 remainder. But it was
6 x 100=600 and then 6x4=24 and then there is 5 remainder.

C.   Show how you could divide 567 robots equally between 8 shops.
70 and 7 remainder because 8x7=56 but since we are talking about tens then it would be 70x8=560 but it’s 567 so there is 7 remainder.

D.   Show how you could divide 347 aeroplanes equally between 7 shops.
49 and 4 remainder 50x7=350 but it’s 347 so then it would be 49 and 4 remainder.


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