Friday, June 14, 2013

Description of my Mum

My mum name is Lasini.  She is pretty big.  Her hair is straight and reddish colour.  Her eye colour is brown.  She has brown skin. With a lot of beauty spots.

My mum is one of the best people in the world to me.  My mum is Kind, Sweet, Happy, Joyful and Loving.  She never slaps me for anything.  She loves me more than anything in the world and she’s the same to me.  She loves a lot
of the things.  She is also one of the most peaceful women in the world. If you meet her you will probably laugh out loud.

Sometimes she is tired but it is because she works so hard for a living for me.  I have never been a street kid and it’s because of her.  I have never broken a bone because of her.  So she is very good at protecting me.  She is also very good at comedy.


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