Friday, June 15, 2012

Back to the past

Last Friday the Senior School went to Howick Historical Village. When we arrived we ate lunch straight away. After we went to a building and inside were stuff and antiques that I have never seen before. First thing we did inside was a game but not just any other game it was an olden day game. After we had another olden day game. That was the best experience playing a game that I have never played before.

Then we went to school. But it wasn’t our school it was the 1800s school. The teacher said ladies first so the girls went inside before the boys. When we got inside the teacher told us “there is only one rule and that is if you speak without permission there will be a consequence. That consequence is a smack and there is plenty of weapons and I am not afraid to use it. First we had to write something with a olden day fashion pen and ink. Then after the teacher picked me to be the score maker for a spelling test. It was the boys verses the girls. When it finished the girls ended up beating the boys 9 points to 4.

Then we had lunch. I was starving. Finally we had to do our last assignment. It was a scavenger hunt. Our group did pretty good. Sadly we had to go back to school. That was an experience that I never want to forget.


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