Friday, June 29, 2012

This term my class studied about a New Zealand artist called Robin Kahukiwa.  
She draws super heroes that revolved  around her culture and the people who inspired her.

We had to do the same thing and that was to draw a Super Hero. We had to chose three people who inspired us. I chose my Grandpa, my Mum and Benji Marshall.

The high heels represents my Mum because she likes to wear high heels in public. 
The abs repersent my Grandpa because I think he is strong in the inside. 
The words represent Benji Marshall because he said these words to the mentally disabled kids and the words were, " If you try your best you could do it." 


Sefesi F said...

what a cool painting you have shared with us Sione Dale

Ezra M said...

What a fantastic piece of art you have got Sione

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