Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saint Pius X school Athletics day

Friday 15 March 2013

Today we had a soul friend’s mass. It was a mass for Saint Patrick but we had to have a soul friend. My soul friend was Makalah in Room 5. I was in Room 7. Me and Makalah had a part in the mass, it was to tell everyone the meaning of soul friends. When we had to do our part it was nerve-racking because my soul friend was looking shy but we got through it.

After the mass we had athletics. I was in geckos, sadly Makalah was in Keas. But Geckos were green, Keas were blue, Tuis were red and Kiwis were yellow. We had to sit down on our colour of the tent.

When we settled down Mrs Gleeson told us our first event. The seniors were doing field events first and the juniors did running. Our age which is 12 years old were doing shot put. At the end it was Pauliasi 1st (Geckos) Petolo 2nd (Tuis) and Eneasi 3rd (Tuis).
Then we went to the obstacle courses. It was just for fun but we also could get behavior points. Later we did another obstacle course.

But then we went to everyone’s favourite field event which was high jump. At the end of high jump the standings were Pauliasi 1st (Geckos), Isaiah 2nd (Geckos) and Me 3rd (Geckos).

We had to sit down and have our lunch. Later my age group had running. First we had the heat for the 50m. The first heat qualifiers were Pauliasi, Tevita and Isaiah. I was in the second heat and the qualifiers were Me, Eneasi and Petolo. In the 50m final the results were Pauliasi 1st (Geckos), Me 2nd (Geckos) and Tevita 3rd (Tuis).

In the 75m we went straight to the final. The standings were Pauliasi 1st (Geckos), Me 2nd (Geckos) and Tevita 3rd (Tuis). The 100m was exactly the same. Then Mrs Gleeson told us to sit down. Everyone thought that we were going to do a relay, but we didn’t have time.

So we went straight to the winning team. 4th with 301 was Kiwis. 3rd with 302 was Keas. By this time my heart was pounding. Then they said 2nd with 346 were Tuis so that meant that us the Geckos had won. Everyone in the Geckos were screaming.

So me and Genevieve went up to get the shield. This was the first time that a team was awarded the shield. Me and Genevieve went up to get it because we were the team leaders. I think I speak for the team when I say this, was that the Geckos were happier than they have ever been.


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