Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today our school, Saint Pius X Catholic School had an easter liturgy. It was about the last week of Jesus’s life which is called easter. It was a great liturgy because we had costumes, a cross and we also had a crown of thorns.

We started with the introduction from Deja. Then Jesus which was Eneasi did his part along with his disciples. Few minutes after that we did the scene of the last supper along with the washing of the feet. Then Jesus told his disciples that there was someone at the table that was not showing his real face.

Judas which was Taiwan got up and said “its me isn’t it. So Judas went out. They also did the part when Jesus got nailed to the cross.

Then it came to my part when I got up to the stage. Julia did her part then Ascott did his part. It came to me and I did my part. My nerves started to set in. I finished and I was happy.  


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